As part of the United Way Video Challenge, teen filmmakers will have an opportunity to design, script, produce, direct and edit a real PSA. Every team member will work every crew position, from sound to location scouting.


The "Five Intense Days" Work Schedule: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Day 1: Scripting. The all-teen crew will dive right in to developing the creative concept for your PSA. Once the crew agrees on a concept, they'll then put pen to paper to write your script! Like in Hollywood, they’ll present your script for “green lighting” (approval).


Day 2: Script Breakdown. The all-teen crew will bring the script to life by determining the right actors, props, locations, and more. If their PSA calls for actors, they’ll head to the open casting call, where hundreds of actors will audition for a role in the project. Finally, they’ll get well-rounded training on the ins and outs of each piece of professional film equipment they’ll use during the shoot.


Day 3: Final Pre-Production. Finalize actor selections, storyboards, shot lists, and locations. Rehearse. Then receive final tech training.


Day 4: Shoot. Usually starts at 7 a.m. and almost always runs later than 5 p.m. The filmmakers will become a well-oiled filmmaking machine as everyone in their team experiences the many different roles on-set, each a necessity — including camera, sound, continuity and assistant director.


Day 5: Post-Production. They'll work with the team to edit the film using Apple MacBook Pro laptops and Final Cut Studio Software. They’ll also develop your promotional plan to make sure all of North Texas knows about (and votes for) your PSA.


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This program, and many others that build teen confidence and leadership through engaging creativity, was produced by


Dreaming Tree Foundation